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We are Cassie and Ali, bargain-finding sisters

We’re based out of Texas and Mississippi (by way of Utah). We find and share phenomenal bargains that keep our homes, wardrobes, and families beautiful—and within budget!

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How It Started

It all started with the “Diaper Deal.” We found free brand name diapers during Prime Day a few years ago and couldn’t believe our luck! After staying up ‘til 4 in the morning bargain shopping and ordering over $12,000 in free diapers, we knew we couldn’t keep these kinds of family deals to ourselves any longer. That’s when we formed The Bargain Sisters Group, and since then, we’ve built a community of over 400,000 people around the country who love bargain shopping along with us.

We genuinely love passing along all the deals we discover and are so grateful that through hard work—and endless FaceTime calls—we get to be surrounded by more friends than we could have ever dared to dream.