Best Amazon Subscribe and Save Deals

The Best Amazon Subscribe and Save Deals

We love Amazon Subscribe and Save and will always sing its praises. From beauty products to diapers, there are fantastic deals to be had by investing a little bit of time in your Subscribe and Save orders, so it became high time to share our picks for the best Amazon Subscribe and Save deals—from our homes to yours.

Before we get into the deals, we wanted you to know about a few other blogs we wrote about our love of Amazon Subscribe and Save. Even if it’s not mentioned in the headline, many of the item descriptions in our cheap snacks to buy in bulk your kids will love post, cheap makeup on Amazon roundup, and the best household cleaning products on Amazon article include Amazon Subscribe and Save deals you won’t want to miss. We even pulled a few items from them for this guide because we order them so often!

As always, we’ll continue to share deals and deeper discounts we find on the items here in The Bargain Sisters Group on Facebook and on our @the_bargainsisters Instagram stories. Check often for the biggest savings!

Cheap Subscribe and Save

Okay, as you may know, the best Amazon Subscribe and Save deals come from unlocking 15% savings on most of them when you have five or more items per order. That’s really the best way to get the best prices. How we all define “cheap” can be different, but what we all have in common is seeing the savings percentage go from 5-15% is huge for everyone.

So, how do you decide what to add to your order? Let’s get into it.

Cheapest Subscribe and Save Items

As a reminder, Subscribe and Save items can include anything that you order relatively consistently, even if that’s every six months. As opposed to the “filler” section below, this section includes items we buy consistently versus products we throw into our boxes when we need to unlock extra savings.

Here are some of our favorites items that are under $10:

Jack Link's Beef Jerky

Can you ever have enough beef jerky? We don’t think so. And, with Subscribe and Save, you can get this pack of five snack-size bags for under $6!


Softsoap Hand Soap

This six-pack of hand soap is such a great deal that we keep it on our Subscribe and Save rotation every few months. You never know when you’ll need to grab a new bottle. When that happens, you’re certainly not in a position to run out to the store. With the extra 15% savings when you have five or more items, this soap rings in at just a little over a dollar per bottle.

Baby Wash

EWG-Verified Baby Wash

An EWG-verified product would rarely be so reasonably-priced, and this Pipette Baby Shampoo and Body wash is a rare exception to the rule. For just over $7 before additional discounts are applied, you can rest assured that you’re washing your baby (and yourself if you choose to use it for you!) in the best of the best.

Our Go-To Subscribe and Save Items

We get items from Subscribe and Save every month or two. We love to stock up, so having a few extra laundry pods is never a problem for us, but remember, you can always postpone delivery if you’re already well-stocked. Household items take up the bulk of our boxes, along with snacks for our kids. We’re always amazed at what we can find that’s available for Subscribe and Save!



Saving on laundry pods is a priority for us, so adding Tide PODS to our Subscribe and Save was a no-brainer. This 81-pod pack comes in at a little over $20 before any additional discounts are applied. Score!

Kitchen Trash Bags

Kitchen Trash Bags

How many trash bags do you go through a week? We don’t even want to mention the number at our houses. Get 110 bags for just over $20 before any additional discounts when you add this pack to your order. Plus, they have that stretchable strength that’s been such a game-changer!

Charmin Toilet Paper

Charmin Toilet Paper

We all have our toilet paper *preferences* and our families are pretty definitive about their Charmin allegiance. We have this pack delivered consistently in our Subscribe and Save—24 mega family rolls (equal to 123 regular rolls) are just over $32 before any other discounts. Stock up!

Colgate Toothpaste

Colgate Toothpaste

Get this three-pack of Colgate teeth whitening toothpaste that deeply whitens teeth inside and out for up to 4 shades for just over $12 before other discounts are applied. If you know us, you know we love Colgate. This set is in our box at least every three months.

Diapers on amazon


Similar to toilet paper, we all have our diaper preferences. When you go to the diaper page we linked below, you’ll be able to scroll through different brands, sizes, and types. Want our detailed opinions on diapers? Send us a DM on Instagram!

Baby Wipes on amazon

Baby Wipes

And, just like with diapers, we all have opinions about our favorite wipes. Are they hard to get out of the container? Do they rip? Are they too thin? Too watery? Not pure enough? Too expensive? This landing page gives you ALL the options. And, like above, we’re always available to share our opinions about our favorites.

Dole Fruit Bowls

Dole Fruit Bowls

You may have seen these fruit bowls in our Subscribe and Save snacks guide. We add them to almost every order. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also a super-easy snack for our kids when we’re in a pinch! Just over $12 before additional discounts are applied.

Subscribe and Save Filler

Some of the cheapest subscribe and save items we’ve found are in the beauty department. They make for great filler in your boxes when we just need that one extra item to hit five and get 15% off per product. From that mascara you sell out every time we post about extra savings on it to deep cleaning dishwasher pods, there’s something for everyone here.

Essence Mascara

Essence Mascara

Every time we post about this mascara, you all sell it out! It is a total steal at $4.99 before any additional discounts. Throw one in your purse and keep one in your beauty bag. Give one as a gift. There are almost 300,000 reviews on this best-selling mascara and almost five stars!

GoGo Squeeze Pouches

GoGo Squeeze Pouches

These fruit pouches are an easy add for us to boxes where we think we might need some extra snacks on hand. The pack is just over $10 for 20 before any other discounts are applied.

Rimmel Eyeliner on amazon

Rimmel Eyeliner

For under $4, you can unlock that extra 10% savings on your next Subscribe and Save order! We love this Rimmel eyeliner. It’s self-sharpening, waterproof, and long-lasting. Need that one extra item to get your 15% off unlocked? Add this!

Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil

Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil

This is our go-to eyebrow pencil, and we always like to have two around if we misplace one (or a curious teenager takes it from our makeup bag). Over 100,000 reviews and just over $7 before additional discounts are applied!

Maybelline Concealer Deal

Maybelline Concealer

The Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment from Maybelline has saved our morning routine over and over again. Adding it to our Subscribe and Save is a no-brainer because we need one at home, in the car, and our purses. There are a ton of shades to match any skin tone for just over $7.

Dishwasher Pods on amazon

Dishwasher Pods

We need to order more of these dishwasher pods every six months. They’re for those cycles we run that deep clean our dishwasher in between loads, which is easy to forget to do if you don’t have the pods staring at you when you open the cupboard under the sink. These pods are a great add-on when you need filler for your box to unlock 15% savings. They’re easy to store and nice to have in backup stock. Just about $9 for six tablets.

Cleaning Gloves

Cleaning Gloves

These gloves can be used for everything from dishes to gardening. For just $9.99 before additional discounts, they’re a great addition to your next Subscribe and Save box. They also come in three sizes!

The Best Subscribe and Save Items on Amazon

So, how’d you like those deals? Amazon Subscribe and Save is seriously THE best. The best Amazon Subscribe and Save deals really depend on what you and your family need the most and fluctuate a little from month to month, so we included a large variety that can give any Amazon Prime member new ideas of what to include in your next order. There are new items being added to Subscribe and Save constantly!

We’re sure we’re missing some good ones here, too, since there’s no way we can keep track of them all. We know we’re just scratching the surface and wanted to give you a good place to start.

Comment below with what you order consistently—we’ll probably have to add your favorites to our carts, too.

Happy saving!

Ali and Cassie

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