Valentine's Day Gifts & Essentials For Kids

Valentine’s Day Gifts & Essentials for Kids

Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away! The holiday is mostly catered to couples but we know how much the kids look forward to it as well. Whether it’s hosting Valentine’s Day parties, preparing valentines to hand out at school, or coming up with gift ideas for their teachers, we’ve got you covered! We know how much preparation goes into celebrating Valentine’s Day at your child’s school. So we rounded up some Valentine’s Day essentials and gift ideas!

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CLASSROOM Party Essentials

Firstly, who doesn’t love a Valentine’s Day party?! The kids love and are always looking forward to class parties and Valentine’s Day is no different. Below you can find some amazing Valentine’s Day-themed party decor that is sure to bring joy to the kiddos!

Valentine's Day Gifts & Essentials | Classroom Party Essentials

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Plates | Silverware | Garland | Cups | Straws | Monster Crafts | Hearts | Bingo | Napkins | Tree Crafts

Goodie Bag Essentials

Secondly, you cannot throw a great party without goodie bags. Target has a great variety of party favors that would make the perfect addition to your goodie bags. Check out these super cute baggies on Amazon that come in 6 different designs. Lastly, we had to add some candy options as well, these bulk bags come with adorable Valentine’s Day-themed wrappers.

Valentine's Day Gifts & Essentials | Goodie Bag Essentials

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Sticky Hearts | Goodie Bags | 50-Piece Candy Bag | Notepads | Pencils | Nerds | Stamps | Squishies

Classroom valentines

Choosing valentines is such a fun process. You kids of course want to hand out the coolest valentines in their class so we rounded up some super cool options. Some come with extra additions like pencils and others come with cool activities such as scratch and sniff. Our personal favorites are the food block valentines!

Valentine's Day Gifts & Essentials | Classroom valentines

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Scratch-Off Joke Valentines | Unicorn Valentines | Star Wars Valentines | Fidget Valentines | Fruit Sniff & Scratch Valentines | Minecraft Valentines | Food Block Valentines

Gifts For Teacher

Teachers are some of the most hard-working people out there. Therefore, make sure they feel appreciated and loved this Valentine’s Day. We had to share some amazing gift ideas to pamper your teachers with. For example, the beaded teacher earrings which are very on trend at the moment.

Planner | Donut Plush | Chocolate | Gummy Hearts | Target Gift Card | Mug | Teacher Earrings | Book

Gifts For Kids

Last but not least, we cannot forget about the kiddos! They too deserve to get a little pampered this Valentine’s Day. We found some super cute books and arts & crafts that they are sure to enjoy! We are obsessed with the Mondo Llama arts & crafts from Target, they always have great designs and are super inexpensive!

Mason Jar Cups | Heart Arts & Crafts | Sticker By Number Book | Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse | Little Blue Truck’s Valentine | The Mystery Of The Love List | Friendship Bead Kit | Heart Fidget | Lego Set

We hope you and your kiddos have an amazing Valentine’s Day! We’re excited to hear what gifts and goodies you decide to try out from our blog. Lastly, Be sure to comment below on which was your favorite item!

-Cassie + Ali

Valentine's Day Gifts & Essentials PIN

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