8 Car Essentials for Moms

We spend a lot of time in our cars, like more time than we’d like to admit we spend in our cars. And in that time, we’ve found quite a few items that have made spending a lot of time in our cars easier, so we rounded them up for this post: our 8 Car Essentials for Moms.

We’ve come to think of the amount of time we spend driving or sitting and waiting in pick-up lines as a *lifestyle,* and because of that, we’ve basically moved into our vehicles. Gladly. Our cars are sometimes the only place where we have precious alone time. Who can relate?

Anyway, these car essentials for moms have been total game-changers for us. We’ll watch for deals on all of them and share them in The Bargain Sisters Group on Facebook and on our stories on Instagram (our handle is @the_bargainsisters), so keep an eye out. Also, with Prime Day right around the corner, extra savings might pop up on the items we list below. Check out our tips to prep for Amazon Prime Day here.

Our Car Essentials List

From all our years of driving many miles just to get to Target and Walmart (not to mention infinity kid practices, lessons, games, school drop-offs, family road trips, etc.), we’ve learned quite a few things and gathered a long list of items we love to make living out of our cars a whole lot easier. From car trash cans to back-of-the-seat organizers, we’re about to save you a whole lot of headaches.

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Trunk organizer for The Bargain Sisters' blog about mom car essentials

Trunk organizer

If you’ve been around for a while (and even if you haven’t!), you’ve probably seen us share one of our go-to car essentials for moms: the trunk organizer. Firstly, it’s collapsible. Secondly, it fits in all kinds of cars (trucks, vans, sedans, SUVs, etc.). Thirdly, it’s durable and waterproof and really does help organize all the things. This go-to rings in at $28.89 and we share deals on it at least once a month!

Crevice catcher from The Bargain Sisters' blog on mom car essentials

Car Crevice Catchers

As far as we’re concerned, this set of car gizmos is pure genius. The sturdy leather accessory holders fill the seat gaps in your car and hold everything including phones, keys, glasses, and change. Get that clutter out of your console and cup holders for just under $18. There are five color options, too!

Car trash can for The Bargain Sisters' blog about mom car essentials

Car Trash Can

Wrappers and used Kleenex stuck in your car doors for weeks? We’re speaking for ourselves here, which is why this car trash can quickly became a car essential for us. It’s waterproof, leak-proof, and can even be hung from the back of car seats. Plus, it’s just $9.99!

Car seat hooks in The Bargain Sisters' Car Essentials for Moms blog

Car Seat Hooks

Finally, you can keep your purse within reach! These car seat hooks can hold so many things: shopping bags, umbrellas, hoodies, and more. The tightness can be adjusted to fit any seat and various strap widths. $9.60 for two!

Seat organizer set of two from The Bargain Sisters' blog about car essentials for moms

Seat Organizer

This back-of-the-seat organizer was our first piece de resistance as far as car essentials for moms were concerned and with good reason! Kids have a lot of *stuff* to hold, and it all tends to get left in the car, OR they’re asking for something you can’t reach while out on the road. No more! Ten pockets keep everything they need in their view and within reach. The organizers are super-easy to install and have pockets big enough to hold a tablet. Don’t wait on this one! $16.99 for a two-pack.

Car seat protectors from The Bargain Sisters' blog about mom car essentials

Car Seat Protectors

Kids spill and dogs shed. It’s just par for the course at this point, as you well know. Even car seats leave dents in your car’s seats. These car seat protectors help to hedge against that. They’ve been total game-changers for us, and we know they will be for you, too. $31.73 for two, and you can save an extra $6 when you clip the coupon.

Magnetic charging cord from The Bargain Sisters' blog about car essentials for moms

Magnetic Charging Cord

Whether we like it or not, we now live in a world of everyone in the car needing more *juice* to power their devices. This iPhone charger is not only lightning quick, but its magnetic cord keeps its shape. It doesn’t overheat or overcharge. The cord itself is 6.6 feet long, so it can probably stretch back to the 3rd row if it needs to! If you have more than two people in your family, consider getting extra.

Car coasters from The Bargain Sisters' blog about car essential for moms

Car Coasters

Aren’t car coasters totally genius? This set of two coasters comes in a bunch of beautiful pattern options and is designed to fit cup holders in most cars. Made by a special ceramic manufacturing process, these coasters easily absorb any condensation drops and spill from mugs and cups. Keeping your car cup holder dry and clean has never been easier! $8.99 for the set.

Things To Have In Your Car

Mom cars do double duty, so the gear in them has to, too. We’ve found that most of these items do even triple or quadruple the work of any other car accessories we’ve found. We really can’t live without them! Do you have any of these mom car essentials already? Let us know in the comments if you add any from our list to your vehicles. We just know they’re going to change your life and we want to hear how you like them!

Happy driving,

Ali and Cassie


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