New Zealand Travel Deal

In this post, we talk about the upcoming New Zealand travel deal. This is unheard of. I have NEVER seen flights to New Zealand this inexpensive. I (Cassie) have flown to NZ so many times and when I say this is crazy insane, IT REALLY IS.

Right now round trip flights are as low as $891 (reg $1300+) with American. These flights will not last long. If you have been wanting to see the land of the long white cloud, you Need to hurry and get these.

how to book

  • Go to Google Flights
  • Change the city you want to fly out of. Click on “Date Grid” to see the calendar view and the lowest prices. The lowest prices are usually in green.
  • Book the flights.


1-8, 2-9, 3-10, 12-19, 15-22, 23-30

1-8, 3-10, 4-11, 6-13, 8-15, 14-21, 16-23

1-8, 2-9, 3-10, 6-13, 8-15, 10-17, 14-21, 15-22
There are more date but these are just a couple.

Please let us know if you book and if you need any recommendations let Cassie know, she is more than happy to tell you her favorite places to visit.

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